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Lonzo Ball GOES OFF on T-Pain!!!

Lonzo Ball is one of the more recognized musicians in the basketball community. Although many of his rap songs are actually just promotional music for his shoe brand “Big Baller Brand” some people don’t realize Lonzo Ball can actually rap.

Ball has already hilariously featured in a lip-sync battle, but this time, Ball went for the big fish. Joining “Drop The Mic” Lonzo decided to take on T-Pain in front of millions of viewers. To Lakers fans’ dismay, T-Pain was ultimately determined as the winner of the epic rap battle, but Lonzo actually put up a good fight. T-Pain went after some subjects surrounding Lonzo Ball like his jumpshot, his shoe brand, his diss on Kyle Kuzma and his family. Although it wasn’t enough, Ball did come back with a clever rhyme that almost won the whole thing. Ball said ” You can’t sing without help, and we know you can’t rap. T-Pain is garbage, now go autotune that. ” Ball was attacking T-Pain’s famous use of auto tune.

Here’s the video for Lonzo Ball VS T-Pain Full Rap Battle on Youtube!

Comment below if you think Lonzo was robbed or if T-Pain deserved it!!!


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