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24.6 ppg – 6.7 apg “Devin Booker is the best scorer under the age of 23”- JL2

I predicted the Suns would be the

8th seed because I knew how good Devin Booker was.


The problem lies within the franchise itself but that has not stopped Booker from developing.

He has bumped his assists to 2 more a game and his game looks better than ever. Booker is putting on a passing clinic and he will only get better with His IQ and experience. Anywhere else Booker would probably be averaging 30 points and 10 assist a game. He is a generational scorer in the sense of we haven’t seen someone score at ease like he does. It is almost like a KD type scorer. He drops 35 and it felt like it was 20. Also, being extremely versatile on the offensive end has been a plus for Book.

He can do it all off the ball. With the ball he can ISO and straight just get buckets but the best part about Book is his post-game. The fact that your guard can give you some paints in the post and help spread the floor is big. This allows Book to use his ability to shoot over players and give them a good back down for a turnaround jumper.

With my vision on how this team would look it was not right. I had a hot take with them making the 8th seed and while I then said they would not be the worst team I was at least right on that. They are the second worst team in the league and it is time for Franchises to start treating these stars right. There is no reason to keep Booker and waste his talent in Phoenix. 2-3 years down the line when he requests a trade the franchise will dub him a snake or traitor when apart from Deandre Ayton, Kelly Oubre Jr, Josh Jackson and Mikal Bridges over a 4-year period they have made no moves.

Book will be Book so he will continue to dominate on the offensive end and the Suns should look to move him. Better for Booker to leave now than create another AD situation. Trade him and get the best package you can and work from there. Underrated and Misunderstood because of the team he is on. Their terrible play shadows his greatness. I could go as far to say as Booker as a young player with no team is better than Kyrie Irving as a young player with no team. While his play has been rising it seems his team has been declining and this has had an impact on how people view and rate Booker.

If I was Booker I have three places I want to be traded to:

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Portland
  3. New York

Brooklyn and Portland are a couple of pieces away from championship contention and New York has the future set unlike the Phoenix Suns.

You can see constant growth not just with the eye test but with his stats as he has improved his game season to season. It Would be easy to judge him and say he is a scrub because he can’t win with his team, but I guarantee there is no one you can switch Book with that will even help this team make the playoffs or improve by much as the problem lies within the organization that he is in.

Do you think Book will be a superstar? Will Phoenix trade him? If so, where will he end up?

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