Crazy Landing Spots For Anthony Davis


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Today I will be taking 3 crazy trade scenarios that probably will not happen but are technically possible and can actually happen. These trades I believe will put Anthony Davis in a winning position and set him up to resign in free agency and add more firepower.

I understand the NBA community is drooling over him to the Lakers but these 2 trades are definitely a batter fit and can offer not only money but winning immediately.

1.Los Angeles Clippers


New Orleans Receive:

Milos Teodosic

Tobias Harris

Danilo Galinari

2 1st round picks

Los Angeles Clippers Receive:

Anthony Davis

Jrue Holiday

The two main players getting traded are going to be an Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday combo so they will most likely dump the salary of some players. The Clippers will not only acquire these two great talents but they will be able to make a playoff push and possibly create some noise. This would then of course probably attract free agents. Oh and remember this means the Clippers have a Davis and Harrell front court to start with. The Pelicans would have some picks and some talent to get going with. Milos is a great pure point guard and can help Elfrid Payton develop his game. Gallinari and Harris are great scorers and if they keep Randle and Mirotic they can make a playoff push for the 8th seed.

2. Houston Rockets

New Orleans Receive:

Chris Paul

Clint Capela

Pj Tucker

4 1st Round Picks

Houston Receive:

Anthony Davis

Jrue Holiday

E’Twuan Moore

This is the trade that would shake up the league 100% and people better hope Daryl Morey does not see my DM with a screenshot of this trade. The Pelicans get 4 first round picks and they are set for the future. They can still use Chris Paul and Clint Capela to sell tickets but the Picks are what will close the deal. New Orleans is in full rebuild mode so they do want to get rid of AD and Jrue.

The Rockets end up winning in this trade because Morey wants to win now and if was going to give up 4 picks for Jimmy Butler you might as well throw that for the best big man in the league. Moore is another bench player who can come in and not only give you productive minutes but be an extra weapon on the bench. Jrue Holiday is going to his buckets with Davis and especially around D’Antoni system. James Harden can take a step back and focus on providing a big portion of those 30 points in the 4th. This would mean Harden would be refreshed but the best part has not been revealed. Who the f**k is going to stop a James Harden and Anthony Davis P&R at the top of the key with shooters all around the 3 point line with AD being the one rolling to the basket.

3. Miami Heat

New Orleans Receive:

Hassan Whiteside

Goran Dragic

Josh Richardson

Wayne Ellington

2 1st round picks

Miami Receive:

Jrue Holiday

Anthony Davis

Julius Randle

Look I understand this looks impossible but the Pelicans need to get rid of him before he walks out for nothing. The Pelicans receive three 1 year contracts and a young upcoming player in Josh Richardson. The Pelicans can build around him and use the picks to pick up some young talent. Dragic, Whiteside and J rich are considered the Heat’s top 3 players so you can not really complain. Wayne Ellington brings shooting and the Pelicans trigger a full rebuild.

This trade may just help Miami Heat solidify itself as the 5th best team in the East. Milwaukee, Boston, Toronto and Philly would be on top of the South Beach team. It would be possible once it is all said and done that the Heat can salary dump and go after a KD this off season. With Davis basically upgrading the talent around him the Heat can shock the world and make the ECF. That is just how good Holiday and Davis are. With Randle the Heat also set up a new front court where Bam Adebayo can learn from AD. This trade was projected to add 17 wins to the Miami teams projected wins.

I deserve the Executive of the Year award since no one else thought of these trades.


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