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BREAKING NEWS: Carmelo Anthony Headed to Chi-Town

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the former All-Star Forward Carmelo Anthony has been traded from the Houston Rockets to the Chicago Bulls. At 34 years old, Anthony has image-7.jpeghit a career low after yet another failed experiment with a new team. “Melo” will join the champion of the “Tank Wars”, a term coined by Bleacher Report in describing the 104-88 Bulls win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. As both teams are performing absolutely terribly and have no chance of winning anything in the postseason, assuming they get to the postseason, they are not competing and it is hilarious. The “Battle for Zion” was funny to see as the teams’ shots were not hitting the rim, much the less actually connecting. It seems that Anthony will fit right in. In 10 games with the Rockets, he averaged 13.4 points on 40.5 % from the field. What a match, mediocre team, mediocre player, bombshell trade, Woj Bombs away. The sarcasm is real my friends. If you were excited to see “Melo” in the red and white I hate to burst your bubble but he will be released from the Bulls team and become a free agent. Houston was trying to get rid of Anthony and do some cleanup work on finances in order to secure Kenneth Faried, mission accomplished. Saving $2 million in luxury taxes, getting rid of this washed up ballplayer, acquiring an exceptional forward in Kenneth Faried, James Harden scoring anywhere between 40-50 points on a nightly basis, the Houston Rockets are hitting their stride. So our friends in the media who love to put up the videos of Anthony hitting open shots in a gym and say that he’s back on track, sorry to say but you are going to be very disappointed.


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