19 September 2020



One Player Every Team Should Consider Trading

Today, we’ll be looking into 1 Player, every team should look to trade. Now this is not necessarily because they are bad or expensive, it could just be because their trade value is so high, or they are not a good fit. At the end of the day, I just want to apologize to the people who’s favorite player I believe should be traded. Sorry.

1. Atlanta Hawks – Kent Bazemore

Now I’m sure we’re all aware of Kent Bazemore’s 18 million per year contract (if you weren’t aware you are now). But I don’t think this contract is the biggest reason the Hawks should look at trading Bazemore. Kent Bazemore doesn’t fit what the Hawks need right now. They either have youth like Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter (among others), or they have veteran leadership to steer this young players in the right direction like Vince Carter, Jeremy Lin and Miles Plumlee. Some players like Bazemore and Dwayne Dedmon don’t really fit into either of those categories. Bazemore is someone who is probably in his prime, and needs to be on a team that will use him for a better purpose. (The only reason I selected Bazemore over Dedmon was contract). Bazemore also takes minutes from up and coming young guards like Trae Young and Tyler Dorsey. Teams that could trade for Bazemore could be Miami, Milwaukee, San Antonio and Minnesota.

2. Boston Celtics – Terry Rozier

Scary Terry has proven to be one of the best upcoming guards, following his impressive playoffs last season replacing the injured Kyrie Irving, but now that Irving is back, the Celtics need to ask themselves if they really need Terry Rozier. I have not a doubt in my mind that there are multiple teams on the market that will give up way too much for Rozier. Rozier is a very strong guard, but the Celtics have Smart, Irving, Brown and sometimes Hayward stretching. What the Celtics should look to acquire is a good true big to pair with Al Horford. That way Hayward can come off the bench with Irving, Brown, Tatum, Horford and an elite big starting. The Celtics will have one of the strongest benches in the league, and starting lineups as well, all for just Terry Rozier. Some teams that could trade for Rozier could be Orlando, Phoenix, Charlotte and the Knicks.


3. Brooklyn Nets – DeMarre Carroll

Like it or not, the Nets are a promising young team that we can’t ignore, they have incredible young players at every position. The one thing they lack is a strong PF. Currently starting Kenneth Faried, the Nets need a young PF to come in and help their rebuild. One of the problems with the Nets is they have so much depth, maybe too much. Which is why I selected DeMarre Carroll. Carroll is a SF on the Nets, who is currently using up 18 million in cap, and using up minutes that could be given to Allen Crabbe, Caris Levert, Rodions Kurucs or Rondae Hollis Jefferson, all of whom are 7 years younger than Carroll, and arguably just as skilled. The Nets could probably get quite a bit from a team who is looking for someone who can lead a contending team like the Sixers. Team that could trade for Carroll could be Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit.

4. Charlotte Hornets – Nic Batum

The Hornets have already expressed that they want to depart from Batum’s hefty contract. This decision I made to select Batum is 100% money oriented. The Hornets are working on bringing back Kemba Walker to a long term extension. However, this may not be possible, as the Hornets are currently carrying so many heavy contracts. Trading Batum will open up the possibility of resigning the greatest player to play for the Hornets, or, if they are unable to keep Walker, pave a new path for the rebuild around Miles Bridges and Malik Monk. Obviously the Hornets wouldn’t get too much back, not to discredit Batum at all, but there aren’t a lot of teams who will take Batum for anything reasonable. Teams that could trade for Batum could include Washington, Sacramento and Orlando.

5. Chicago Bulls – Jabari Parker

The Jabari Bulls relationship has been less than phenomenal to say the least. Not long ago, the Bulls announced that Jabari Parker would be removed from regular rotation. This spiked all kinds of trade rumors and speculation as to why Jabari was being benched. Recently Jabari was re-allowed back into the rotation, but as a backup. Jabari is only 23, and many teams would love to have a chance to develop him, and it seems like the Bulls are all but done with him. There is no reason why Jabari shouldn’t be traded, especially with other bigs like Bobby Portis, Wendell Carter Jr and Lauri Markannen looking for minutes. The Bulls should acquire a true center, because currently their only center on their official roster is Robin Lopez, and if he gets ejected, there’s a problem. Some teams that could trade for Jabari Parker could include Memphis, Philadelphia, Denver and Brooklyn.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers – Rodney Hood

Rodney Hood was considered one of the best future prospects for the Jazz when he played there, but a trade that threw him into the wrong organization changed that. Rodney Hood was traded to the Cavs and his play immediately stunted, his points per game dropped 6.0 and he was taking 5 shots less per game. This year he is slightly better, improving 2 points per game from last year with the Cavs, but let’s be real, that’s mostly thanks to Lebron James. I still believe Rodney Hood still has it, you don’t just take a plane to Cleveland and lose your skill, Rodney just needs to be in a new system that relies on him more as a primary shooter. Some teams that could trade for Hood might be Orlando, Charlotte, Clippers or even back to Utah.

7. Dallas Mavericks – Wesley Matthews

Matthews has been with the Mavericks for almost 4 years now, and has actually been surprisingly consistent for his entire career. But this is Luka Doncic’s time, and Matthews either needs to take a paycut on his next extension, or hit the trade market. I’m not sure exactly how attached Matthews is to Dallas, but if he does hit the trade market, the Mavericks should seek someone who can relieve the Mavericks wheb Luka finally rests. They need somebody like Lou Williams or Terry Rozier or Montrezl Harell. Matthews just doesn’t really fit well to me as the Mavericks 6th man, as he is relied on so much to lead the bench unit. I’m not even opposed to the Mavericks keeping him, but they should trade for a solid bench leader and Matthews seems like an expandable player for the Mavericks. Teams that could trade for Matthews might be Boston, Clippers, Timberwolves (no not for Rose maybe Teague) and also the Bulls (see above).

Note: I know DSJ rumors are circulating, but I like him on Dallas

8. Denver Nuggets – Trey Lyles

It seemed like the Nuggets were entering a rebuild, but now they are arguably the best team in the league. So, wow. It looks like the Nuggets may need to realize that they should be going for the title. One of the dilemmas Denver faced was whether or not to keep Paul Milsap, or have him step out of the way for younger players like Trey Lyles to get more minutes. But Milsap has maintained his strong play, and needs to be on this roster if the Nuggets really want to win it all. Trey Lyles however, needs to be given a chance to get lots of minutes, and develop on a team that will build around him instead of contending. Lyles is leaving his developmental years, so any team should jump to the opportunity of being able to develop and experienced youngling like Lyles. Some teams that could trade for Trey Lyles might be Portland, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and New Orleans.

9. Detroit Pistons – Reggie Bullock

The direction of the Pistons at this point seems at times uncertain. They make us think they are looking for the future by building around Drummond, only to trade Tobias Harris for Blake Griffin. I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for Detroit, but I know one thing, Reggie Bullock needs a change of scenery. Constantly dubbed the worst starter in this league, Bullock isn’t as bad as people think he is, Bullock has improved steadily throughout his career and is reacting well to more minutes. I think Bullock could bloom if he finds the right team, he still has many more years left in this league and should look for teams that, like Detroit, are willing to give him minutes. Now he just needs to find a team that will give him the ball as well. Some teams that could pursue Reggie Bullock might be Orlando, Miami, Cleveland and the Knicks.

10. Golden State Warriors – Shaun Livingston

Don’t be that guy, Draymond can’t leave.

When I look at the Warriors roster this season, I see an obvious winner. So in my opinion, all the Warriors can do is try to win every single year. Shaun Livingston has been a good bench player for the Warriors, but do they really need him? The Warriors have no real use for Shaun Livingston, and could easily stack up a pick or two for him, or maybe even package him with a pick or two to get a good young bench player to work under Andre Iguodala. The Warriors have no reason to trade anyone on their roster to be honest, but for the sake of this list, Shaun Livingston just seems like the most expendable player on the team.

11. Houston Rockets – Chris Paul

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

People ain’t gonna like this one. Chris Paul has been under-performing, and constantly injured with his Achilles like hamstring. However, the Rockets could easily bait many teams into giving up a considerable amount of resources to acquire the great Chris Paul. Paul has worked out thus far for the Rockets, when on the floor, but this is the problem, when on the floor. Although Chris Paul is a great complimenting star to James Harden, I think it’s time for Houston to look for someone new to dish the ball. Personally I would be looking for a young pass first guard, maybe like Elfrid Payton as well as some picks. This likely won’t happen though, since Paul is still considered a star for Houston, but all stars burn out eventually. Some teams that might want to take a chance on CP could be New Orleans (convince AD to stay), Indiana, Milwaukee, San Antonio and Utah.

12. Indiana Pacers – Doug McDermott

Honestly, the Pacers don’t need to make any trades. They have such a well rounded team, that if they could just keep this core together, they could be a threat in the East. If they had to move one guy, I would pick Doug McDermott. McDermott is a player who many players believe won’t really make it as a strong player in this league. I do not agree. McDermott has been tossed around from team to team for a few years now, and is yet to find stability. I hope he finds it in Indiana, but there are better options. McDermott just needs a team that will let him play a little more, he shoots the ball efficiently and could be a great Klay Thompson like player for any team willing to give him the opportunity. Some possible trade destinations for Doug could be Miami, Detroit, Memphis, Charlotte or Oklahoma City.

13. Los Angeles Clippers – Avery Bradley

Bradley went to the Clippers expecting to be the back court lock down duo with Patrick Beverly, unfortunately, this is not the case. The Clippers are ranked 20th in the league in defensive rating, and last in the league for steals per game. Essentially, the Clippers are actually one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Yet, they have so multiple “elite defenders”. I think Avery Bradley needs to take his talents elsewhere, this way Patrick Beverly controls the perimeter defense, and leaves the interior to the strong big men, instead of clogging the perimeter. Bradley is still a defensive talent that many teams who struggle on D should pursue, and the Clippers will be paid handsomely for Bradley if they found the right offer. Some teams that might want Bradley could be Cleveland, Washington, New Orleans and Golden State.

14. Los Angeles Lakers – Brandon Ingram

There has already been lots of trade rumors revolving around Ingram. But for the wrong reasons. Ingram IS NOT a bust, the only reason he needs to be traded is so he can shine. The Lakers have so much young talent right now, it’s hard for some of these young guys to break through. Kuzma and Lonzo Ball are two that may have broken through, but Brandon Ingram slowly falls down the minutes ladder. The Lakers don’t really need him, especially now that Lebron is here for the next 4 years. All the 29 other teams would obviously love to add him to their roster. He’s an amazing talent that just needs to get the chance to be the star of the show. EVERY team could pursue Ingram, a few exceptions like the Warriors, Bucks and Raptors, but some teams stand out to me especially Orlando and Phoenix.

15. Memphis Grizzlies – Chandler Parsons

#FreeChandler is trending, with Chandler Parsons stepping away from the Grizzlies. Parsons makes 24 million dollars this season, and probably won’t play a second of basketball in a Grizzlies uniform. This is a problem. If the Grizzlies aren’t willing to make him earn his 24 million, someone should. Obviously it will be extremely difficult to find a trade partner, but if the Grizzlies packaged Parsons with a more valuable asset, I’m sure some teams would see the upside in a first round pick and the possibility of raising Parsons up to his expectations. If you’re gone pay this man 24 million, you better play him. If not, some teams like Atlanta, Sacramento, Phoenix and the Knicks could invest some of their cap space into the once cherished Chandler Parsons

16. Miami Heat – Goran Dragic

I’m not a big Dragic fan personally. I can’t really see him staying on the Heat long. Many people would say Hassan Whiteside needs to go, but Whiteside can really light it up from time to time. If Whiteside could just be more consistent, his role in Miami would be unquestionable. Goran Dragic needs to play for a team that is looking for veteran presence, and still wants to compete. Teams value this role on their squad, and I believe Dragic could gather some interest from teams looking for someone who can lead a team, and can still put up good numbers and contribute to a win. The Heat should look to acquire a young and athletic player and hope that player meshes well with Bam Adebayo. Some teams the Heat could look for a trade from could be Philadelphia, Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit or maybe Cleveland. All of these systems would use Dragic differently, but I don’t see the point in keeping Dragic around Miami.

17. Milwaukee Bucks – Tony Snell

This was a tough one, it came down to whether Tony Snell’s use to the team was more important or Malcolm Brogdon’s trade value. In the end I went with Snell, because Brogdon, the former ROY, has actually silently been really really good this season. Brogdon has improved on almost every stat since his rookie campaign. He now averages 5 points per game more than his rookie year. Snell has been pretty average and expensive to the Bucks. They also don’t really have much use for him, since Giannis is pretty much a big man, strong forward and a guard (minus the shooting) all at once. What the Bucks really need is a better big man, who can cut some slack for Giannis in the paint. A real big man, not Brook Lopez, who is pretty much a 7 foot tall Steph Curry. Maybe someone like DeAndre Jordan could fit in Milwaukee, and be exchanged for a cheaper Tony Snell and other assets. Some destinations for Snell would be the Clippers, Washington, Phoenix and Oklahoma City Thunder (who’ve been looking for a backup to Steven Adams)

18. Minnesota Timberwolves – Jeff Teague

Please don’t give up on Andrew Wiggins.

The biggest problem fans have with Wiggins is his effort on defense. This is EASILY correctable. The real elephant in the room should be Jeff Teague, who has not been bad for the Timberwolves, but does carry some value and have a good replacement in the potential All Star Derrick Rose. Teague could be traded for some draft picks, which Minnesota hasn’t had much of lately, after Karl Anthony Towns was selected a few years ago. Since then, the Timberwolves hoped adding Jimmy Butler would get them wins, so they traded away their future. The Wolves need to undo this mistake and at least come out with a few picks through some trades. Eventually, Wiggins will leave (fans driving him out already), Rose will age and maybe leave with the departure of Tom Thibodeau, KAT could look for a bigger market, which leaves… Jeff Teague? Trade Teague while he still has some vaue. Teams that might give up picks for Teague could include San Antonio, Detroit, LA Lakers or maybe the Toronto Raptors (pursuing a backup to Lowry).

19. New Orleans Pelicans – Anthony Davis

Now I don’t like this any more than you do… but why would AD stay in New Orleans. Cousins is gone, they aren’t winning, they aren’t a team that could win in the future without AD. I strongly believe Anthony Davis will look for a new team this offseason. That being said, the Pelicans aren’t a playoff team this year (debatable, but definitely not a contender), so why not trade Anthony Davis and at least get something for him. It’s a risky move, if AD resigns, the Pelicans could get the best player in the league of the the future, if he leaves, they get nothing. The Pelicans should look for trades from teams with lots of assets, like Boston, that way they can guarantee they get something. One possibility might be a three team between Cleveland, Boston and New Orleans. Some people have talked about the possibility of Cleveland trading the first pick away for a multitude of future picks and youth from Boston, this first pick could land New Orleans Zion Williamson, and perhaps have a fresh start at the next AD. This is HIGHLY unlikely, but it would shake the league huge. The only destinations I could see AD being moved to would be Boston, LA Lakers, Houston, and MAYBE the Warriors. Oh god I’m scared now.

20. New York Knicks – Frank Ntilikina

I love Frank Ntilikina, I’ve written about him a few times now. There’s a lot of speculation about why Frank hasn’t really lifted off yet. I reiterate my point again, he’s not being given an opportunity to thrive. I feel like his situation is similar to Chandler Parsons in Memphis or Brandom Ingram in LA. A mix of the two. Frank needs to be given the keys to an offence, only this way will he thrive. Much like Dennis Schroeder, Ntilikina just needs a few years to develop on a rebuilding team that is okay if he makes mistake or two. Worst case scenario, he improves, learns and his team gets a better pick. Possibly the best option for Frank would be Orlando (I know I keep using Orlando) because he could have an opportunity to lead that team and play with Mo Bamba. Frank would get lots of practice running the offense, as well as creating a future that Orlando will have to invest in it. Along with Orlando, other options include Washington, Cleveland and Phoenix.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder – Alex Abrines

The Thunder don’t really need to trade anyone. But Alex Abrines is an expendable player for them. OKC has Russ, PG, Dennis Schroeder and Andre Roberson filling guard spot, which leaves only 25 year old Abrines out. Alex Abrines should look to go to where he’ll at least get to be a primary backup. Instead he sits on the Thunder roster, in his third season averaging a little over 5 points per game. I’m not really sure how much other teams would be willing to give up for Abrines, but I’m sure OKC could get more than 5 points per game worth. Maybe this is the way they acquire their backup big man, with the fall of Nerlens Noel to a scary injury. Abrines might work well somewhere like Detroit, Sacramento or Milwaukee, where backup guards could be added, that way Abrines can work his way up and maybe even start a few games by 30.

22. Orlando Magic – Nikola Vucevic

Vucevic’s contract is nearing expiry, and he is having an excellent year. Unless Orlando makes a big move at the deadline, Vuc doesn’t really have anything to be excited about in Orlando. The only young upcoming player is Mo Bamba, who’s a threat to Vuc’s starting spot in the future. Vucevic will most likely want out, but his value is very high right now. Much like Nikola Jokic he can do it all, and there’s lots of teams out there that would love to bring in an elite well rounded modern center. Vucevic is currently fighting to become an all star. Their last all star came 8 years ago in Dwight Howard. The Magic will obviously be looking for a guard to run their offense with, as they already have a superb front court in Aaron Gordon, Mo Bamba and Vuc. But Evan Fournier (although he is very clutch) is not a floor general. Some potential landing spots for Vuc could be the Bulls, Spurs, Clippers or Wizards.

23. Philadelphia 76ers – Markelle Fultz

By the sounds of it, Markelle Fultz is not in the Sixers future plans. His shoulder injury is worse than originally presumed, and he has barely been playing at all. I know there’s teams out there that believe in Fultz. There are teams that will give up nothing for Fultz, and teams that will go all in and take the gamble. I think Fultz can recover from this, but I don’t know if he will live up to the first overall pick hype. Atleast, Fultz could run the offensive scheme and rely more on his passing than his shooting for a team that has lots of shooters, and is just missing a floor general. Teams that I believe will show interest in Fultz are Orlando, Washington, San Antonio and maybe Toronto. Though nothing is certain, Markelle Fultz’s case is a waiting game.

24. Phoenix Suns – TJ Warren

TJ Warren has not progressed as the Suns hoped he would. So far, the Suns have made some rebuilding acquisitions, drafting Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton as their main core is the most prominent. It doesn’t make much sense to keep Warren around anymore, since the Suns have shown us once again that they deserve the first overall pick. Warren needs to be somewhere where he has an opportunity to be a crucial part of a teams core, not dead weight that the Suns carry through their rebuild process. TJ Warren is a good player no doubt, but the Suns want to give Booker, Ayton and Jackson more touches. I think Warren WAS a part of the rebuild in Phoenix, but some players don’t react well to the idea of development. We aren’t yet sure what Warren is truly capable of, but I know it’s more than he’s shown in Phoenix. Some possible destinations I consider realistic for TJ Warren is Dallas, Toronto, New Orleans and Portland.

25. Portland Trail Blazers – Meyers Leonard

The Trail Blazers are on the brink of winning. They need to accomplish this soon, since Damian Lillard is only getting older, and CJ is likely getting less patient. The Blazers need a trade to acquire an elite big man. This could be done by trading anyone really, but Meyers Leonard is a relatively young, and somewhat under performing for Portland. Leonard might have value on the trade market, he stands at 7’1 and he has a fair bit of potential. If the Trail Blazers were to package him with a draft pick and some role players, I have a feeling they’d be able to acquire someone like DeAndre Jordan, Al Horford or maybe even Jonas Valanciunas. Apparently Trail Blazers fans don’t like him as well. Some possible destinations for Meyers Leonard could be Miami, LA Clippers, Phoenix, Dallas or Minnesota.

26. Sacramento Kings – Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert has had a revival season in Sacramento, which is great for him. But he does not fit the Sacramento Kings agenda at this time. Shumpert’s value is at a high right now, which makes perfectly good sense to trade away his age and contract to someone that can return young players and picks. There’s no doubt Shumpert is doing great in Sacramento, but eventually he will have to leave. The Kings are not quite in a playoff spot yet, and they must be planning 1 more season of development before they make their playoff push, so why keep Iman Shumpert who makes more than every player except Zach Randolph (who I think can stay, his leadership on a young team is important). Shumpert could gather interest from teams looking for a good 6th man to come on and relieve the starters. Some potential landing spots for Iman Shumpert could include Milwaukee, Detroit, Portland, Memphis and … Cleveland! (yes I said it)

27. San Antonio Spurs – Rudy Gay

The Spurs are not short of veteran leadership this season. They are an old team, in a young league. Some players like Pau Gasol and Patty Mills can’t go anywhere realistically, but Rudy Gay seems to be in a different boat. Gay has seen a sharp minute decrease over the last 2 seasons, playing less than 30 mins per game for only the 2nd and 3rd time in his 12 year career (1st time was rookie year). The Spurs are starting to let Gay fall down their rotation, and for someone who has put up solid stats in extended minutes, that means a trade would benefit both the Spurs and Gay. The Spurs should look to acquire more contending pieces that can help them make a final playoff push before their long awaited rebuild. Gay, needs to make the best of the second half of his career by continuing to make lots of money, but playing on a team that will use his veteran skill to the last drop. Some places I believe can utilize Rudy Gay to his full ability could include Houston, Boston, Indiana, Charlotte and Detroit.

28. Toronto Raptors – Kyle Lowry

Sadly for Raptors fans, the Derozan era ended. Happily for them the Kawhi era began. I think something similar to this is due in Toronto once again. I make this choice of Kyle Lowry for two reasons; 1, I think it’s best if it happens, 2, I think it actually might happen. Kyle Lowry is a true incredible point guard who can still play ball at an elite level, which will likely attract a ton of offers from teams who want one of the few true floor generals still left in the league. I know Raptors fans won’t be happy with this choice, but the Raptors need to start investing in Fred Van Vleet, who has consistently been playing excellent in very limited minutes for Toronto. Van Vleet could be entering the prime years of his career and might be looking at a MIP award in the coming seasons. Some possible destinations I have in mind for Kyle Lowry are Orlando, Dallas, Washington (trade for John Wall maybe?), LA Clippers and Cleveland.

29. Utah Jazz – Thabo Sefolosha

No disrespect to Thabo, but what is this guy even doing on the Jazz roster. He’s making as much money as Kemba Walker and playing 11 minutes per game. This guy makes a million dollars per minute he plays in every game. Sefolosha is making 10 million this year, and is averaging 3 points per game. So my question is, why not trade him for literally a second round pick. This clears 10 million dollars of cap, gives you a second round pick, and gives whoever takes him on a bench player who actually shoots the ball at a surprisingly high percentage (0.500 or 50%). Sefolosha will take the right shot if you give him the ball, but the Jazz are a team that needs to add another star, and need all the cap they can get. Dumping Sefolosha’s contract would open up a third of the space needed to sign a star, nevermind what they already have for cap room. I literally see every team that has atleast +10 mil in cap looking into taking on Sefolosha, but he might thrive somewhere like Minnesota or Charlotte, where taking care of the ball is the first priority.

30. Washington Wizards – Otto Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. is making all star money, and you know what, he might be an all star in the making… but not in Washington. Porter has plateaued in Washington, unable to break 15 points per game. Washington is apparently receiving interest for Porter, who’s now in his 6th season. If I were the GM of the Wizards, I would jump at the opportunity to get literally anything with value for Otto Porter Jr., because Porter is obviously not going to break through and earn that 26 million in Washington. How about Porter looks for a new opportunity in a rebuilding team, with lots of cap that are looking to take on young hefty deals. Porter doesn’t have long to prove he deserves this kind of money in his next contract, so he should capitalize, and seek a trade to a team like Cleveland, Atlanta, Orlando, Phoenix or NY Knicks.

Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware, I do not have anything against any of these players. All of these choices were based on my opinion of what the team needs and what the player needs.

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Who is your favorite team, and who do you think they should trade? Leave your answers in the comments lets talk!

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