Nikola Vucevic has been playing at an extremely high level this season but no one seems to care due to the poor performance of the Orlando Magic.

For those that do not know he has been playing at a high level for many seasons but again…. he plays for the Orlando Magic. In his 7 seasons with Orlando he has averaged a double double 5 of the 7 seasons he has played for them. The 7’0 Swiss big man has been able to be a very good player but had never stepped into that great level. This season I think he has taken a good step because not only is his post game polished but his defensive game as well. He has been able to find his shot and be a much more efficient threat from deep. Teams have learned this throughout the season but he is just that foot he puts up the shot with a hand in his face. Finding his footwork down low has improved and his threat to turn on you and score has your teammate waiting to help. That is when Vucevic uses his IQ to know he is not Hakeem and passes is out to the open teammate. With the threat of his shot you now have to be careful when Orlando begins to use him as a screener. He can roll out to the paint or fade into an open pop.

Now to get into the Numbers of Vucevic, he is averaging:


20.1 ppg – 11.9 rpg – 52% fg – 38% 3p

Ortg – 114 (+9)

With Vucevic off the floor the Magic’s Ortg is at 98.34 and with him on the floor it is 110.19 which is a 11.84 difference. It is safe to say that Vucevic is a very Important piece to this offense and they would be even worse this year just without him.

To give light to his season here is the list of the players averaging 20 pts, 11 rebounds and shooting 52% this season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Nikola Vucevic

That is just a thought to keep in mind when evaluating Vucevic. He deserved to be on a contender and the Magic should trade him as his value is as high as it has ever been before. Considering the market at the moment and fact that they need a big man in return it does not look like the right time to move him. His value is at its peak but there is no real offer I see that would benefit both teams.


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