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Before we look at his last 11 games and I explain how great his numbers are lets look at the tear he already is on this season.

LeBron James came into this season as the MVP favorite and they are all half-right but it is a different James that is leading the MVP race. His name is James Harden aka The Beard and he has made improvements in his game to better hep his Rockets team stay alive in the Western Conference. He is now a much better defender than he was before, and his offensive game looks deadlier.

Harden is currently the leading scorer in the league (33.6 ppg), 4th in assists (8.6 apg), 5th in steals (2.1 spg) and has the made the most threes in the league (162).

33.6 ppg – 5.9 rpg – 8.6 apg – 44% fg – 38% 3p

Harden is leading the MVP race this year and after a rough start  the Houston Rockets are the 4th seed in the West with a 22-15 record.

Here is a look at Hardens Last 11 games


41.1 ppg – 7.1 rpg – 9.5 apg – 2.1 spg – 41% 3p (11 games)


Vs Lakers (126-111 W)

50 points – 11 assist – 10 rebounds – 18/19 (94% ft)– 14/26 (52% fg)


Vs Grizzlies (105-97 W)

32 points – 10 assist – 12 rebounds – 9/14 (64% fg)


Vs Jazz (102-97)

47 points – 5 assist– 6 rebounds – 15/16 ( 93% ft) – 5 steals


Vs Wizards (136-118 W)

35 points – 9 assist – 3 rebounds – 10/18 (55% fg) – 6/11 ( 54% 3p) – 9/9 (100% ft)


Vs Heat (99-101 L)

35 points – 12 assist – 6 rebounds – 15/18 (83% ft)



Vs Spurs (108- 101 W)

39 points – 10 assist – 4 rebounds – 8/9 (88% ft)


Vs Thunder (113-109 W)

41 points – 7 assist – 6 rebounds – 6/7 (85%ft)


Vs Celtics (127-113 W)

45 points – 6 assist – 2 rebounds – 9/18 (50% 3p) – 14/17 (82% ft)


Vs Pelicans (108-104 W)

41 points – 6 assist – 9 rebounds – 7/17 ( 41% 3p) – 14/14 (100% ft)


Vs Grizzlies ( 113-101 W)

43 points – 13 assist – 10 rebounds – 6/12 (50% 3p) – 21/27 (77% ft)

Vs Warriors (135-134 W)

44 points – 15 assist – 10 rebounds – 8/9 (88% ft) – 10/23 (43% 3p) – Game Winning Shot


Harden has 9 straight games with 35 points and five assist which is an NBA record and has broken Stephen Curry’s record of consecutive games with 5 3 pointers or more which Harden currently is at 8. He has a ridiculous usage rate of 44.4% and is attempting 17.2 3 pointers a game. On top of his improved defense his game is unstoppable during this streak. If you guard too close he can either step back and drain the shot or take you to the whole and draw a foul and/or get a bucket on you. James Harden has taken the system in front of him and absolutely taken it over. If you watch him plays he plays extremely slow but it really is just patience. He is so patient and waits for jus the right time to make a move. Some would even argue that Harden and Capela are the best pick and roll duo in the league and can contend with the best. While his team have lost valuable players and many have actually gotten worse this year. It seems Harden has tapped into a new level of play and is using his craft skills to draw fouls which equal multiple free points and his ISO game has become more lethal that not even a hand in his face bothers him.

This streak has sent him to the top of the list of the MVP conversation but has also shown you that Houston can still be deadly. Chris Paul needs to provide 25% more play and I mean that in the sense of he needs to improve more. He has had a very average season and age seems to be catching up to him with all his injuries.  If Harden keeps this up I think you have to put him at least top 15 best offensive players of all time.

Is Houston a title contender? Is Harden the MVP? Can the beard continue his hot streak? Can harden excel his game into the playoffs and perform in the biggest stage?


As always thank you for reading, my name is JL2 and until next time

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