Steven Adams aka The guy you do not want to fight is having a great season and I think he should be worthy of some all star votes.

I was very critical of the Contract the Thunder gave Steven Adams but I could of never predicted he would live up to it. Ever since Kevin Durant signed with Golden State we have seen consistent improvement from Adams as the third option on the team.

Being the brick wall that he is when setting a screen has helped the Thunder excel in running their sets. With Adams basically eliminating the defender and leaving his teammate with a mismatch.


Currently he is averaging:

15 ppg – 10 rpg – 59%

Adams is easily the strongest player in the NBA and has proven himself as a top tier center in the league. He is big and great at setting picks. Can play down low and rebound the ball. Also is a great rim protector as he disrupts many shots in the paint. The only knock on Adams is his inability to shoot which doesn’t fit him with the modern day stretch bigs in the league. But being able to manhandle anyone in the paint and be very efficient in the post still gives Adam a spot on an NBA roster.

Under the radar is a new series which I will be evaluating underrated players in the league who are not getting much attention.

I am JL2 And as always thank you for reading my articles.


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