The real, the only one!


LeBron James days ago he proclaimed himself, the goat. It can not be denied, that he is the most complete player of his generation, brilliant, phenomenal, the favorite player of many. Among many other virtues.

But early in the 80s, 1984, the Chicago Bulls acquired Michael Jeffrey Jordan, at that time a talented player who had won everything in the NCAA with North Carolina. And came to the NBA full of expectations.

Now, Jordan grew up in a Chicago Bulls full of young people and some other experienced player, making himself noticed and shining as the best of his time, but something was missing, take that great leap in his career that made him the God, Master and Lord of the NBA and basketball.


With a team that grew big over the years, a true dynasty – not a super team like those that are usually put together in this NBA era, where super stars want to play together, so it’s easier to have a ring- . For in the Bulls dynasty: Jordan, Pippen, Horace Grant, BJ Armstrong, and veterans like Bill Cartwright, John Paxson and many role players, became the best team in the world, under the philosophy of Phil Jackson. It was not overnight.

In an era where basketball was more aggressive, the defense was played, the teams made respect for their localia. Michael Jordan, took the Bulls to Glory. Defeating teams full of legend -in a conference where epic battles took place-, Pistons (Thomas, Dumars, Laimbeer, Rodman, Mark Aguirre) these guys played defense like nobody else and Michael Jordan did not have to look for stars in free agency to defeat them, he lost with them, yes, but he persevered and when he reached the peak of his career he swept them away. But to get there he also had to fight at the end of the 80s against Barkley and the Sixers, the Cavaliers of Mark Price and Brad Daugherty, the fabulous Celtics of Larry Bird, McHale, Parish & co, and entered the 90s, pitched battles against the New York Knicks by Ewing and Starks. The Pacers by Reggie Miller.

Jordan, kicked all the stars of the east and in six finals he beat teams like Lakers (Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott), Blazers (Drexler, Porter, Cliff Robinson), Phoenix Suns (Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Kevin Johnson , Ton Chambers). He paused to play baseball, then Olajuwon and Drexler could win their titles and Patrick Ewing play an NBA final. Return Jordan and the Bulls, the dynasty, Pippen, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley, now with Rodman, Kukoc, Ron Harper, and role players, have the best season in history until then. 72-10. And they were reigning again for three years.

Jordan then defeats, the Seattle Supersonics of Kemp and Gary Payton, surrounded by extraordinary players. And for two years in a row the Utah Jazz of Stockton, Malone & Co.

Michael Jordan defeated the best players, when they were at their peak, teams that seemed invincible.

Jordan, was the main reason why the NBA globalized and expanded to all corners of the planet. All the children and young people wanted to be like Michael Jordan. The planet of basketball surrendered at his feet, to the wonders that only he could do on the court. Every player of his generation, without doubt, always praised him as the greatest. Players of other generations idolized him.

Jordan never played a game 7 in an NBA Final, it was not necessary. Six NBA rings, in six final, in an era where all the members of the first Dream Team played, Jordan defeated them all!

In this article, I did not write statistics, just a very little of the Jordan effect. Your Majesty! The God of Basketball. The most wonderful athlete that has ever existed!

So I have no doubts, it does not matter that other players self-proclaim goat, there is only one and there will be one. Michael Jeffrey Jordan!!!


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