Five Little Known Facts About Stephen Curry


Warriors Superstar Point Guard Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the league and the greatest shooter of all time. He is not the very normal type though, he has an extreme foot fetish, chews on a mouth guard and much more as we count down the five most unusual facts about Stephen Curry

5. Pregame Tunnel Shot- Now this one is not very strange or unusual. Before every game Curry has a ritual which includes a very specific and complicated dribbling movement along with a tunnel shot to warm up and test his range for the day he makes the shot a surprising number of times. 4/10 times he makes it

4. Pregame Tweet- Curry is not a focal point of the media side of basketball he usually isn’t very active on social media other than his pregame tweet. This tweet is posted before every game and reads “Lock in #DUBNATION”


3. His Wife- Curry’s Wife makes every game she can. She is a busy women her self being a celebrity chef. Before every game Curry locks eyes with his wife and stares into her eyes while they slap there matching tattoos at the same time

2. Mouth Guard- Curry and his mouth guard are a power couple. They have been through the best of times and the worst of times which may have included Curry throwing his mouth guards at someone on accident. Curry is very active with his mouth guard as he frequently chews on it during games especially at the free throw line.

  1. Foot Fetish- For a very long time it has been known that Curry has a certain taste for the lower parts attached to the bottom of the legs. He has been very public about it and so has his wife who explains it as a very active part of their marriage. Curry likes feet and he is not afraid to say it even though it may be a little weird and disgusting Steph Curry is still the magical player we all know and love.

The NBA is filled with humans that are a bit unusual, from Steph and his foot fetish to Robin Lopez and his knack for the art of custom shoes to Damian Lillard and his rap career to Jordan Bell and his certification as a dentist to Kyrie Irving and his past flat earth comments. This series of articles will explore the weirdest of the weirdest players and their qualities and hobbies. Welcome to the Strange World of the NBA where you are the passenger and I am the guide to help you through the strange things that are going on his in this amazing league.

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