John Wall: The Most Untradeable Player in the NBA


John Wall, Superstar Point Guard and one of the faster players in the game in the past has become the most untradeable piece in the NBA right now. He has been injury prone his whole career. His jump shot has never been there. His leadership has been questionable. He has not go along with coaches or fellow teammates. His once elite defense did not show in the games he played this year and his monster contract have scared teams away from making a big offer for the Wizard point guard.

Even since John Wall was drafted with the first overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft he has struggled to stay healthy. In 2012 Wall suffered his first injury in his NBA career. He missed 33 games in the season due to this injury which was diagnosed as a non traumatic stress injury. In 2015 when the first round of the playoffs rolled by Wall injured his left wrist and hand which was revealed too be five fractures in his hand and wrist he would miss the next three games. In 2016 after multiple minor knee injuries Wall had surgery on both knees to remove lose material in his knees. Multiple small reoccurring injuries in his knee had Wall miss some time. In January 2018 Wall had his third knee procedure of his career and missed significant time. Here we are in the beginning of 2019 and Wall is out for the season with a heel injury that required surgery. The Wizards even with Wall have not fared very well being one of the cellar teams in the Eastern Conference. Wall has gotten into multiple alterations with teammates and coaches even being fined for one incident with a coach. He has become a cancer in the locker room and has made many players speak out against there once leader because of his lack of leadership that has developed. Teams have been hesitant to even ask about Wall because they do not want the locker room drama that comes with him. Another reason Wall has become untradeable is his lack of a jump shot. He shoot miserably from the mid-range and three and with the way the game is evolving where the three point shot bigger than ever, Wall lacks that ability to shoot a solid percentage on high volume. Most teams have kept away from Wall because of his jump shot. Walls contract is a very large one, five years/ approx. 85 million to be exact and with him making a base salary of almost 20 million dollars this season no team wants to flirt with the idea of trading for a current injured, injury prone, cancerous teammate because of the big risk low reward. Wall has become the most untradeable player in the NBA and will likely be in Washington until his contract ends.


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