7 NBA Rules you didn’t know about…


In today’s generation, NBA viewers consider the NBA to “soft” or “weak”. The reason of this accusation are because of these obscure calls the refs are calling such as the technical calls for laughing on the bench or waving at the referees and etc.

The following are rules you did not know about:

1)Broken Glass Technical Foul

In the past, the rims were not as solid as they are today but these they are breakaway rims and it has become harder to break these backboards. But if so, it will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the violator will be given a technician foul.


2) Jumpball ain’t no joke

The NBA is very serious about rules even if it doesn’t affect the outcome of the game. If a jumpball is not done properly and it is found out later then 24 seconds in the match, their will be another tip-off in the beginning of the second half. If it’s earlier in then 24 seconds, the game will be restarted.

3) Quick Free Throw

A player who is at the foul line must commence their shooting motion within 10 seconds of receiving the ball. If this is not done, it will result of the other team getting the ball out of bounds. It will also not be counted as a free throw attempt.

4) Choosing Sides

Before tip-off, the visiting team decides which basket they’ll start the game with. In many games, they chooses the side near their bench so they can make easy adjustments on offence if needed.

5) Mandatory Timeout

Every team is given a mandatory timeout every single quarter even if they don’t want to use it. If the team is out of timeouts by the 4th quarter, the team will receive a technical for the automatic timeout. This is done for Television Purposes.

6) Foul out rule

If a player fouls out and their is nobody to replace him, the player will stay in the game. Every foul after that will result into a personal foul, technical and team foul. The last 5 players cannot foul out.

7) Fantasy Draft…?

If five or more players die or are dismembered , a disaster draft is organized, where sufferings team can draft one player from other teams (one per team). The other teams are allowed to protect five players of their choice. This has yet to happen in the NBA fortunately.

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