Joel Embiid’s Real Height and the Possible East Championships


A little bit of height conserveracy has been hitting the NBA as of late. This time it’s with superstar 76ers center Joel Embiid who is listed at 7 foot officially by the NBA, but at home games is announced and introduced at 7 foot 2 inches. While this may seem like a small difference the significance of these two inches is big. Embiid would be the third tallest player in the NBA behind Boban Marajich and Kristaps Porzingis respectively. Joel Embiid is already a monster on the court. To some he is the best center in the NBA due to amazing athleticism, superior offensive talent and his elite defense. Embiid’s Sixers have a very solid team this year and have a legitamite chance to win the East behind the Big Three of Embiid, Butler and Simmons.

The East Title was suppose to be on lock. The Boston Celtics had been the favorites to win before the season started. Since then the likes of the Giannis led Bucks, The Kawhi led Raptors, the Oladipo led Pacers and the Embiid led 76ers have emerged as power house teams.

Giannis’ Bucks have been showing what they are made of with the Greek Freak at the helm of there ship, the Bucks as of today have the best record in the East and are shooting lights out from three. Giannis’ leap from great to greater could be to thank for the Bucks or a coaching change. All around the Bucks have shown they can play defense and they can shoot around Giannis creating a potent team that is hard to beat day in and day out.


The Raptors started off the season with a stretch that in very remarkable. They obviously upgraded from Derozan to Leonard and Kyle Lowry’s leadership has been unfaltering. All around the Raptors defensive eliteness has been on par and there good offensive game put them as East contenders.

The Pacers have been one of the most well balanced teams in the whole league. Everyone is playing great and the PG13 trade is looking good on there side. Oladipo is playing elite and Turner is playing well along with Sabonis who is showing his worth as a valuable member. Tyreke Evans is showing to be a good pickup and Darren Collison is playing his usual good point guard self. All Around the Pacers are a dark horse East title contender.

Overall the East was the Celtics to lose and it still is, but with the emergence of other teams the East is wide open now and no one is going to be able to predict the outcome. Its any teams to grab and it will be a fight for every team to win the East and go to the NBA Finals.


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