The Next Super Team? How the Lakers could Land KD and AD


It seems impossible. The possibility that the Lakers can land two more generational players. With wild rumors floating around the league involving the Lakers, there is a possibility that two more top 5 players in the league land with the Lakers in the near future. First, I would like to set up why this could happen.

Anthony Davis is no stranger to LeBron or the big Los Angeles lights and the demand that would come with playing with the best player on the planet, Davis has one objective and this is too win. He has gone on the record stating he would take legacy and rings over money. Davis has also commented in the past on LeBron, calling him his favorite player in the league besides himself resepectively. LeBron is very keen to the idea of a possible team up with Davis in LA as he has stated, “I’d love too.” When asked if he likes the idea of AD possibily coming to LA to play along side LeBron.

On the Kevin Durant side it makes sense to come to LA. He likes the big lights and his legacy is already tarnished. Tempers are flaring in Golden State and the once unstoppable Golden State Warriors squad has become beatable. Durant has won back to back championships and has been a 2 time Finals MVP. He has achieved the whole goal of going to Golden State and the only thing that would help repair his legacy is a move to a different team. He wants to stay in a big market for reasons beyond basketball (growing his brand and selling his sneakers). While New York might be enticing it lacks the entertainment hub that LA has become over the years and it lacks a team that can actually win now. Kevin Durant will be looking for a team and city that, has the ability to grow his brand including his ventures into technology and entertainment and a winning team that has the ability to make it deep into the playoffs. The Lakers and LA fit both of these catagories while no other city and team quite match this. It has also been rumored by Scoop Robinson, the writer who broke the LeBron to LA, Jimmy Butler to the 76ers and many more moves, that Kevin Durant is planning his move to LA a season early much as it is rumored LeBron did. While this maybe wild speculation, the possibility of KD to LA is higher than most may think


Salary. The Lakers have exactly 37.1 Million cleared in cap space next season which is the exact amount that a max contract for Kevin Durant would be. So signing Kevin Durant to a large contract wouldn’t be the problem. The real problem that has arise is, Anthony Davis will not be a free agent until 2020 and the Lakers would have to put a trade package centered around at least two of their young core players to get Anthony Davis. Here are three possible trade packages that could send AD to LA:

  1. Lakers Receive: Anthony Davis, Elfrid Payton, Wesley Iwundu. Pelicans Receive: Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, 2019 1st Round Lakers, Nikola Vucevic. Magic Recieve: Rajon Rondo, 2021 1st Round Lakers, KCP
  2. Lakers Receive: Anthony Davis Pelicans Receive: Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Moritz Wagner, 2 First Round Pick
  3. Lakers Receive: Anthony Davis, Elfrid Payton Pelicans Recieve: Brandon Ingram Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, KCP, 2 First Rounder

If the Lakers managed to land AD and KD by the beginning of the 2019 season their starting five would be potent

Lakers Potential Starting 5

Center: Anthony Davis

Small Forward: Kevin Durant

Power Forward: LeBron James

Shooting Guard: Josh Hart

Point Guard: Elfrid Payton

Sixth Man: Kyle Kuzma

This team would be one of the best in the league if not the best and a team that would go down in history for the amount of star power it had.


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