Dear Dr. James Naismith, the least way I have to thank you is to play Basketball, your sport. Thank you so much!

Thank you for what? for creating Basketball. Without this sport we would not have athletes helping our society by inspiring young people to believe in their dreams. 127 years already that this sport exists, at the beginning it was only for entertainment, now it is more than a sport. It’s an event that gathers millions of people every year. Athletes more than athletes. Without this sport we may never have had so much freedom of expression. This sport makes everyone stand strong and brave in front of many injustices in our lives every day. Thank you for creating Basketball, without you we would not have had Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and more. We could not have debated who the GOAT is. All these small elements that make us charmed by this sport. As many years and history behind a simple round ball. Without you we would never have had the opportunity to evolve in this sport. We would not have Allen Iverson (Game Changer) in this world. Without you my page would not exist. Without you our heart would be lacking in sport. I write this letter for anyone who thinks like me. For all basketball fans who also wonder what to do when there is no basketball game on TV.

So many things that we could not have lived without your creation. These moments of emotions during the playoffs where the history is created. Where without being there we have chills. “CLEVELAND THIS IS FOR YOU” would not have existed. Without you Tracy Mcgrady could not have been part of the story, like many other players. I wish you were still alive so that you could see the tremendous impact your creation has brought to our society allowing us to grow for the better. Without you we would not have this competitiveness between supporters of different teams. It’s crazy, the more I write the more I realize how much Basketball has an impact on the relationship we have with others. Without you some legends might never have existed.


Legends are made because of you. They are now part of the history of basketball. But you (Dr. James Naismith) are not only part of the history of sport, but the history of a society.

Thank you Dr. James Naismith,


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