Are the Nuggets a contender team?


Are the Denver Nuggets guaranteed to go on playoffs? Are they contenders? These are the reasons that lead me to say yes! They have an excellent start. The best start since 1976-77. The last time they had a great start to the season, they made it to the conference semifinals, but lost in six games against Seattle, unable to make the conference final. They have not reached the 10 defeats yet. They are 21 wins and 9 losses. Jamal Murray (December 18, 2018) broke his record of assisting with 13 assists in the first half. Finishing the game with 15 assists. Nikola Jokic an excellent center with the potential to lead his team to the playoffs. The only way the Nuggets will not playoffs is to lose around 30-35 games. This would mean that they would have a record of 42-39. Let’s not forget that Michael Porter Jr and Isaiah Thomas are still missing from their roster.
Let’s be patient, there are still several chances that their addition to the roster does not work .

As we saw with the Cavaliers, the addition of Isaiah Thomas did not work as we would have expected. Not to mention that Michael Porter Jr played only 3 games. Having an average of 10 points. Will he be able to provide in the NBA?

Everything can still happen. Isaiah Thomas faces the return at the end of December.
If Isaiah Thomas addition within the group does not work, they will not have to wait before doing something else, otherwise everything can be messed up.

The coach of the Denver Nuggets remains humble.


“It doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, to be very honest,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said. “I’m not trying to be coy. The minute we start thinking we’ve done something is when we’re going to set ourselves up for failure.”

They are on 4 wins in a row. Ranking them first of their conference over the Warriors. In the last ten games, they won 8 games and lost 2.
If the playoffs started today they would be one of the teams that others would fear. The other question we need to ask ourselves is … will they have enough energy to play this way until playoffs and during the playoffs? Maybe or maybe not.

Now is the time to wait and see if they will maintain their way of playing or not!


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