Suns dismantle Knicks 128-110

Devin Booker gets revenge on Enes Kanter (image by Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

New York, NY – Emmanuel Mudiay and Devin Booker, two elite 2015 NBA Draft picks square off at Madison Square Gardens to fight for a win at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Despite both teams making it clear this season is a tank job, the Phoenix Suns are on a two game win streak against the Mavericks and Timberwolves. The New York Knicks are looking for their 10th win of the season behind recent great play from Kevin Knox and Emmanuel Mudiay.

This game was all Mudiay for the Knicks. He notched 32 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Knox scored 13 points in the first quarter, and looked amazing but only scored 4 more points for the rest of the game, ending the game with 17 points. The next best player for the New York Knicks was Enes Kanter who notched a double double with a 13-10 statlne.

This game saw the Phoenix Suns look like an actual playoff team, as they were working together on all cylinders. Devin Booker scored a season high 38 points in his revenge game against Kanter, who “trolled” Booker on Twitter in their last matchup. TJ Warren had an outstanding game as well, posting 26 points with an interesting 4/8 from three point land. In a start for the SunsMikal Bridges posted a solid 7 points and 5 rebounds.


DeAndre Ayton has proved that he is capable of All Rookie First Team, posting 21 points along with 13 rebounds. Talk about a stat stuffing night.

Booker hits Enes Kanter with a layup (image by Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

Perhaps the greatest showcase of “age can go suck it” is Jamal “Crossover” Crawford, who posted a career high 14 assists off the bench. A 38 year old SG just beat his own assist record off the bench in a dysfunctional Suns offense. That surely deserves a surprise player of the night.

The Suns and Knicks were close enough during the half, but a 41 point quarter by the Suns forced the game to look like a runaway for the suns. TJ Warren keyed a 21-4 run for the Suns to close out the third quarter.

The water was coming through the dams with so many holes, I can’t tell you right now before I get in the film room to break it down. I know we didn’t show mental toughness throughout that run.

Knicks Head Coach Fizdale on the Suns 21-4 lead

The Knicks were booed off the court at the end of the game in a disgraceful loss to the worst team in the NBA, 128-110.

The Knicks take on the 76ers in Philadelphia on December 19.

The Phoenix Suns take on the Boston Celtics in Boston on December 19.


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