Tobias Harris has given us already a fantastic show this season leading his LA Clippers to a 17-11 record and currently  the 4th seed in the Western Conference where spots 1-14 are all fighting for a playoff spot. Yet his consistent good play has allowed us to watch him lead a team I personally had out of the playoff hunt and did not think they were better than the LA Lakers.

20.9 ppg – 8.1 rpg

Talk about versatility in a forward. Tobias is as good as any player in the pick and roll and Doc has exposed this. There is no real flaw to his game besides not having elite handles. He can play on and off the ball and does not require it to dominate. Tobias plays both ends of the floor but its on the offensive end where he shines. A point forward that is dominating todays game despite teams wanting stretch-fours.
Doc has used him for a majority of the season at the PF spot (93%). The Clippers are + 5.1 when he is on the court. Harris provides not just great defense but rebounding as he grabs 22% of the defensive boards while he is playing and averages 7.7 defensive rebounds. He is a great shooter so he can be a stretch four but he is a threat attacking the basket. Tobias likes to use his strength and bigger body frame to keep up with other power forwards but uses his speed to beat them. He currently shoots 54% from the field and is a wildly efficient scorer.


A top 10 SF in todays NBA no doubt

Tobias has been a rising star for some years now and it is a shame people are now realizing his all-star potential.

He was drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats  in the 2011 NBA draft with the 19th pick in the 1st round and later traded to Milwuakee where he averaged 5 points in his rookie season. In his sophomore season 14 games in he was averaging 4.3 ppg and was traded to Orlando where he played 20 games before getting injured. Tobias was averaging 17.3 ppg pre-injury and stayed in Orlando for  3 seasons before being traded to Detroit and putting up great seasons before ultimately being traded again to the LA Clippers. Here were his numbers in Orlando & Detroit:


15.6 ppg – 7.0 rpg – 50% FG


16.8 ppg  – 5.3 rpg – 53& FG

Tobias was still a dominant force in these two teams he just never had the spotlight on him to show it to the world. This may be a move that Detroit is regretting as they are struggling to stay afloat and the Clippers are soaring.  He is a rare breed as we do not see many point forwards in the league today and not many that can dominate on both ends of the floor like Harris.

Do you think Tobias will be an al-star this season?

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