Lakers trade drama


As December 15th gets closer and closer it seems like kentavious Caldwell Pope will no longer be a Laker. Teams that are reportedly interested in acquiring KCP have been the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN (via Mason and Ireland). This isn’t the first time this season we have heard of Philadelphia wanting to get KCP as of last month Kevin O’ Conner said “the 76ers have eyes for KCP.” Chances for the Miami heat and Oklahoma City Thunder to get KCP are unlikely as they’d have to send back an expiring contract or two to match his $12 million salary.

That’s something neither of them have. The only way for the Heat or thunder to get in on the KCP sweepstakes would be a 3 team trade possibly with the suns who reportedly wish to trade Trevor Ariza.


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