Spencer Dinwiddie Signed for a 3 year extension with THE NETS [GOOD IDEA]?


Spencer Dinwiddie will get $34M over a three-year extension with Nets, league source tells ESPN. There will be a player option on third year, sources said.

Let’s do an analysis on the evolution of Spencer Dinwiddie.

From 2014 to 2018 he improved a lot. This season he average 16.9 Points per game. Let’s not forget about last night performance where he dropped 39 points on the 76ers.

The team also improved a lot since Spencer is in the Starting 5. From averaging 4.3 points per game in 14 minutes with the Pistons to 16.9 points in 29 minutes with the Nets show us how great he is. The Nets still have a lot to build on to become a contender team. I really think they are set to start something strong with the Franchise.


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