Brandon Ingram is a good talent with what many believe to be “superstar potential”, I do not agree with this. Before the season started I said Kyle Kuzma was going to be Lebron’s Scottie Pippen.

Ingram has the intangibles and is a Kevin Durant build who has a similar skillset. He has an all around game: Shoot, Drive, Pass and defend. I just do not see his potential being used in Los Angeles behind LeBron James. His game hinders when LeBron is on the court.

Brandon Ingram .png

Ingram Scores 14.4 points per 36 mins less with James on the court. Kuzma can play better off the ball so he fits much better with LeBron James. Ingram can play off the ball but he is much more effective with the ball in his hands and controlling the tempo. He could be traded to a team in need of a point guard. Ingram has the ability to run the point and be very successful at it almost like a Ben Simmons…….. with a shot.


Superstar Potential is In Ingram but it is not in Los Angeles, Magic Johnson might as well trade for Bradley Beal or another star right now. He can easily acquire some more young talent for the Lakers. Brandon Ingram for Kevin Knox and some other assets is definitely a good trade for both sides. New York gets someone who has established their progression and is the next big thing and give up someone who gave us little flashes.

Kevin Knox, Bradley Beal, CJ McCollum and Kemba Walker are just a small amount of players who can do some damage if paired up with Lebron James and the rest of this impressive Lakers squad.

Ingram still had trade value but under James shadow that will slowly begin to diminish when his numbers begin to drop and his value becomes too low to get a big time player for him.

Brandon Ingram:

15.7 ppg – 4.2 rpg – 2.3 apg 

46.6% FG    32.4% 3p



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