Derrick Rose had an extremely promising career ahead of him and even became the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA. After winning MVP he tore his ACL in the playoffs and upon returning rose missed back to back seasons with a tore meniscus. He tried to revive his career in New York and Cleveland which ultimately failed. He was traded to Utah who waived him and then picked up by Minnesota where he gave us flashes of his greatness.

When the season began I had a feeling he would play a bit better this season and 7 games into the season he had exceeded my expectations.

Jimmy Butler had sat out with soreness and Jeff Teague was injured so Rose was the starter and then………… he rose



Rose dropped a career high 50 pts and got the game winning block

He is leading the race for 6th man of the year currently averaging:

19.0 ppg – 4.4 apg – 3.3 rpg

50% fg – 48% 3p 

This season he has evolved his game by elevating his jumper and making him a threat to focus on every night. This shows extreme maturity and also teaches a great lesson.  As a starter or coming off the bench Derrick Rose is pushing the pace and getting buckets. The Timberwolves look different with him on the court considering teams never had to really gameplay  against him.  Whether its attacking the basket and making some kick outs or finishing strong at the rim. They put him as a spot up shooter or he creates his own shot. It is not luck it is simply the perseverance and the hunger to succeed.

To never give up on your dreams is what you should digest from this story.




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