The Milwuakee Bucks were the 7th seed with a 44-38 record in the Eastern Conference and were knocked out in the First Round in a 7 game series vs Boston.  They overachieved last year and this year they have done the same thing and the number 1 difference is Coaching.  Mike Budenholzer was brought in this year to revitalize this team and help it improve all around.

They have the best offense in the league and Giannis has had a-lot of help from his teammates this season. The addition of Brook Lopez has helped Budenholzer space the floor since Lopez can score the 3 ball and he will  most likely be outside. With the threat of Brook shooting the three there is no big man in the paint to be a rim protector. This allows the Bucks to attack the paint and score effectively. Scoring all these points in the paint while still leading the league in 3 point shooting.

Lets compare last years Bucks to this years Bucks


Offensive Rating: 109.8 (9th)/120.8 (1st) 

Defensive Rating: 110.1 (19th)/106.0 (5th) 

Points Per Game: 106.5 (15th)/120.8 (1st)

I don’t think this is just a hot start for the Milwuakee Bucks they are currently the Second Seed in the East and even with Boston figuring it out and Butler in Philly I still think this team is great.  They are going to make the playoffs and with Budenholzer playoff experience and this team learning his system more and more they will become lethal.

This team has proven they can beat anybody and have one of the top MVP candidates is the Greek Freak . The system in place greatly benefits every player on the roster and provides easy looks for them. Milwuakee will continue to dominate the east and if the Raptors have a hiccup the Bucks can claim the 1st seed.  I don’t believe they can win the Championship but they can compete for it and can build for the future.



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