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Kawhi Leonard has arrived in Toronto and they picked up right where they left off. Except this time they have Kawhi and this team is playing 10x better than last season.  He is currently averaging (24.2 ppg- 7.8 rpg-  1.7 spg) and has helped Toronto rise to the best team in the eastern conference thus far. With their undefeated start you can easily point at the improvements from all the players on the roster and the birth of the new duo of Lowry and Leonard. Kawhi is already putting up a strong MVP campaign and has been as dominant of a Two- Way threat as I have ever seen.  Watching him take the best players in the league and still be able to shut them down and dominate on the other end is fascinating to watch for about 35 minutes a game. 

Toronto love DeRozan but they are welcoming Kawhi with open hands and are eager for the future that lies ahead .  This Raptors team is dangerous and while I still believe Boston is the best team in the league but Toronto is one of the top 5 teams in the league. They are going to dominate the East and the more they play the better they look. The sky is the limit for the North and this will be a team to watch come playoffs time.   


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