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Oh no the Oklahoma City Thunder are 0-3  what is going on? Let’s stop overreacting because it is just the first three games and they are still going to lock the 3rd seed and the way there bench keeps improving do not be surprised  if they lock the 1st or 2nd seed. Russell Westbrook can still put up a triple-double or near one every night. They just have to learn how to play as a team and how to close out games.  Lets look at all 3 of their losses so far and how each game can be excused.


108-100 Loss at Golden State

This was a game with no Westbrook and yet somehow they were able to pull it through and put up a very competitive game in the 2nd half. Dennis Schroder showed us he is a staring caliber point guard. The entire bench was playing great and they looked like they would be very promising.  If Westbrook had played in this game they for sure would have been able to complete the comeback.


108-92 Loss at the Staples Center

This was a very close game from the start of the game and then at some point in the 4th quarter the G-league players subbed in for OKC. The intensity they were playing with seemed to diminish and the Clippers were able to read and jump on that and close the game out successfully. Again Westbrook could have been able to keep that intensity alive in the team.

131-120 Loss at OKC

This loss I put more on Billy Donovan than anything because obviously whatever defensive strategy they came in the game with was not working.  The Kings were shredding the Thunder throughout most of the game. Even Iman Shumpert was balling out there, Credit to the Kings at the same time for not taking their foot off the gas.


These games could have been won and the Thunder could have been 3-0 but now lets see if Westbrook can take a step back and give up some of his shots and touches so the bench can start getting more involved. That is the main winning point for OKC, they must have production from their bench night in and night out throughout the whole season but especially starting now. If this team can figure out how to have Russ and PG go off and have the bench give you solid contribution than its a done deal in the West.



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