Boban Marjanovic Will Play A Role In John Wick 3



Boban will be in John Wick 3. For John Wick fans this is awesome for John Wick and Boban Marjanovic fans, even better. I have personally seen the first and second installment of the John Wick series. It is very action packed and Keanu Reeves plays a ruthless assassin that finds ways to kill his enemies in the most craziest ways possible.

Marjanovic’s role in the movie will be an assassin. It is still unclear if he will be Wick’s ally or foe. And it is also unclear how much screen time the 7 ft 3 Clippers big man will get.


John Wick will not be the first time Marjanovic has acted. Teammate Tobias Harris and him have filmed their own little series called ‘The Bobi and Tobi Pre-Preseason’. You can find clips of it on Instagram and YouTube, obviously this short series was put out before the preseason started.


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