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Oct 19, 2018 ,



As a solution for the “one and done” and the elimination of the JBA the G league will now offer a professional path. Top high school prospects who do not wish to go to college will have the alternative to join the G League making $125k a year.

If I was a top high school prospect there is on way I would consider this deal. To begin you are going to lose an opportunity to network with other people and have some fun. The real issue is the inability to further your basketball career with a collegiate coach and learn some tips that can one day help further your career in the NBA. Most coaches in college will teach you basics of being a human being and make sure you present yourself well for NBA scouts and teams to consider you.  More times than not playing in a college system teaches a-lot of players to play and run through some sets and schemes. Helping them adapt better when things begin to get a little bit more complex in the pro’s.

The deal does not benefit the player other than the fact if they are trying to get a little bit of cash in their pockets and grind for a spot in the pro’s even harder.