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The first game of the season involved the Boston Celtics versus the Philadelphia 76ers which the Celtics won 105-87 with much ease. The game did start a little shaky with multiple turnovers and a brickhouse. It was a great first game to watch and open the 72nd NBA season with. We got to see a bunch of highlights and great defensive plays. The shots for Philadelphia were just not falling and Boston proved to be too deep of a team. Overall I did notice both teams were giving 100% on the floor but it just happened to be that Boston’s consistency and execution from deep gave them the big edge in this game.
If I took anything from this game it is that:

  • Once the Celtics start clicking there is no stopping them.
  • Tatum and Brown may end up being the 2nd and 3rd best players on this roster.
  • Hayward looked great in his first game back
  • Brad Stevens is a god
  • The Celtics are better than the Warriors
  • Ben Simmons and Embiid need help
  • Philadelphia need more shooters
  • Fultz needs a-lot of film study
  • Ben Simmons still has not hit a three

Curry over adams

It was late in the Bay area and to kick off the start of the season and end the double header of the night we had the Golden State Warriors versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors players and front office all received their rings and it looked like the season ended yesterday. They were off to the races from the start and were playing in a dominant fashion. After the first quarter the Thunder started to pick things up but at the end it was Stephen Curry who was shooting and playing lights out.  Some of the things I took away from this game were:

  • The Warriors are not unstoppable
  • Steve Kerr needs more Centers and big men to put in rotation
  • Kevin Durant cannot be guarded
  • Billy Donovan has change the playing style of his team
  • The Thunder have possibly the 2nd best bench after Boston
  • When Westbrook returns this team will be all gas no brakes
  • Dennis Schröder is one hell of a backup Point Guard

Noticeable Stat Lines


Joel Embiid: 23 pts- 10 reb- 2 blks

Ben Simmons: 19 pts- 15 reb- 8 ast

Jayson Tatum: 23 pts- 9 reb

Stephen Curry: 32 pts- 8 reb- 9 ast

Kevin Durant: 27 pts- 8 reb- 6 ast

Paul George- 27 pts- 5 ast- 4stl 

Dennis Schröder: 21 pts- 8 reb- 6 ast


What a great way to start this season ! I am so excited to watch the rest of it unfold as the disaster, chaos and beauty that this sport is.

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