Joakim Noah Has Officially Been Waived Today From The Knicks



Joakim Noah has officially been waived from the New York Knicks today. A lot of frustration in the past year has happened between the Knicks and Noah, mostly from when Jeff Hornacek was the head coach and the two got into heated arguments. Since then, the Knicks have been trying to drop Noah and move on to a team that is in a rebuilding stage.

At the moment it is reported that Noah is receiving no interest in any teams in the league. Noah only played a total of 7 games with the knicks last year, making that the least amount of games he has ever played in one season. I believe that this is a good move ultimately because of the tension between Noah and the organization. Noah is also on the decline in his career due to age and other problems and with the Knicks in rebuild mode, this is the right move.



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