25 November 2020



Patrick McCaw Turns Down 2-year $4M Offer From The Warriors


The Golden State Warriors just recently have offered a generous contract of $4M over the course of two years, to Patrick McCaw. Yesterday reports came out saying that McCaw has turned down this offer. Last year McCaw averaged 4 points per game (same as career average), 0.2 blocks per game (same as career average), 0.8 steals per game (career average is 0.6), 1.4 assists per game (career average is 1.2), and 1.4 rebounds per game (same as career average).

Now McCaw has been open about wanting to prove himself more and get more minutes with the Warriors. He feels that he hasn’t had enough playing time to display his full potential (career average of 15.9 minutes per game). With that being said, McCaw is asking for more minutes and more money. If that doesn’t happen soon then McCaw could want out of Golden State.

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