NBA Trade Rumors: Bucks Preparing An Offer For Jimmy Butler

After the world found out he wanted out, the floodgates opened, with Miami, the Clippers, and Nets being the early front-runners. Rumors have it that the price remains steep, and it is what has likely kept him from already being traded.

In an attempt to get their hands in on the suddenly wide-open Jimmy sweepstakes, the Bucks are reportedly preparing an offer that centers around sharpshooting guard Khris Middleton, says ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

It makes a whole lot of sense, for both sides.

The Bucks finally get to pair Giannis with a second, two-dimensional star in Jimmy Butler, that would likely be enough to earn the team a top-4 seed in the LeBron-less Eastern Conference.

The Timberwolves would acquire a stellar shooting wing in Middleton, along with either a pick, a young prospect like Thon Maker, or both.


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