Kevin Knox Discusses His Craziest Knicks Fan Experience So Far


New York Knicks 9th overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft, Kevin Knox was recently talking to Complex News. Knox discussed his excitement for the upcoming season and some of his own opinions about other players around the league.

Macklin Stern of Complex News asked Knox what his craziest moment has been with a Knicks fan so far. Knox replied quickly saying, “Signing a little baby’s forehead, like a newborn baby. The parents came up to me, they wanted me to sign his forehead.”

Stern went deeper into the question by asking Knox if he signed the baby’s forehead. Knox said that he did end up signing the newborns forehead and was happy to make the parents’ day but ‘it was still kind of wierd’ according to Knox.


Picture of Kevin KnoxPicsArt_09-27-02.14.54.jpg


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