Dwyane Wade Will Play One More Season With The Heat, Then He Will Retire


On the night of September 16th 2018, Dwyane Wade released a video over 9 minutes long on YouTube called, “One Last Dance”, announcing that he will play one more season with the Miami Heat and then retire after that season. Wade will be entering his 16th season in the league and when he retires he will be 37 years old. Wade is a 3-time NBA champion, Finals MVP award winner, and has made 12 NBA all-star game appearances.

Earlier this offseason it was reported that Wade would play one more season and then retire after that season. Instantly after this report Wade tweeted, “fake news”. Leaving NBA fans to believe the source was broken. But it turns out that it was correct all along.

Wade’s fake news TweetScreenshot_20180916-221025_Twitter.jpg


Wade sent out the video via Twitter by having a link attached to direct followers to the video on YouTube. The video is very heartfelt and therefore it is over 9 minutes to try and fit all of his emotions in the video. He closes the video by stating that it will be his 16th season and for the fans to be ready for his arrival.

Picture of Wade on the Cavaliers, Bulls, and HeatPicsArt_09-16-09.55.37.jpg


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