Dwayne Wade Giving it His ‘Last Dance.’


At age 36, Dwyane Wade plans to give “One Last Dance.”

After going losing in the first round 4-1 to the 76ers last year. Dwayne Wade, and his fans were unsure about another season. Wade was a Free Agent this summer and was not

offered a contract by any team other than Miami, and an over seas China team. Dway



ne declined the China offer, and claimed the only team he would play with would be the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade has been soaking in the off-season as much as possible and has finally made a decision after months of waiting. Wade has announced he will plan to re-sign with the Heat.

Dwayne Wade is a 3 time NBA Champion, 12 time All-Star, and 2006 finals MVP, and the list goes on for the future Hall Of Famer.

Its great to see Veteran players like Wade, Haslem, Carter and Dirk suit up for at least one more season.


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