5 Predictions For The Thunder This Season.


The following predictions are for both players and the team.

1. Russel Westbrook will not average another triple double.

Averaging a triple double for two consecutive seasons is spectacular to everyone. But given the massive effort it took in Thunders last regular season game against the Grizzlies, people think that Westbrook will fall short this season.


But not because he can’t do it because as we all know he can.

with the addition of Dennis Schroder and with Paul George back, Westbrook doesn’t have to average another triple double.

While it is entirely possible that he can do it again we don’t expect him to.

2. Thunder will win at least 50 games this season.

Last season with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony didn’t go so well for the thunder as they only won 48 out of 82 games. With an improved roster Thunder are expected to win a few more games this season.

It remains to be seen whether Jerami Grant or Patrick Patterson will fill Anthony’s spot in the team.

3. Jerami Grant will average a career high in points.

Seeing as Grant figures to have a larger role this season people are hoping for him to get some career highs this year.

He averaged 20.3 minutes in 81 games last season and in game 5 against the Jazz in the playoffs it was Grant on the court, not Anthony.

4. Paul George will lead the league in steals.

In his eight seasons in the league Paul George has proven himself to be a great two way player.

Last season George came second in the league in steals so no one will be surprised if he leads the league this year.

5. Patrick Patterson will replace Carmelo Anthony.

The two players that could replace Carmelo Anthony are Jerami Grant and Patrick Patterson.

For starters Patterson was originally going to start last year before Thunder acquired Anthony from the Knicks.

ESPN reporter Royce Young said

“When you’re playing heaving minutes alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George, you’re not going to see a lot of shots and you have to be okay with the fact that you might play 22 minutes and take four shots in a game.”

He went on to say that Patterson is good at taking threes so if he took 4 shots and they were all threes 12 points and Billy Donovan is fine with that.


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