Thomas Robinson Signs With The Hawks


Thomas Robinson has signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Hawks, according to Shams Charania on Monday mourning.

Robinson is a 6 ft 10 in power forward, that the Hawks are hoping to get some solid bench play from. He is still young at age 27 so Atlanta will also be looking for the young power forward to show some agility as he gets plugged in to the line-up.

Drafted 5th overall in 2012 by the Kings, Robinson had high star potential by scouts and NBA fans but his time in the league so far has been nothing close to easy. Robinson has traveled from team to team having played for the Kings, Rockets, Trail Blazers, 76ers, Nets, and Lakers.


Last season in the league, Robinson fell short to landing a spot on an NBA team. Therefore being forced to play elsewhere. Robinson ended up signing with a Russian basketball team, the BC Khimki.

With a new season ahead and more basketball experience on his belt, Robinson will attempt to prove his worth with the Hawks as he will get some important minutes to try and get back on track with his NBA career.

Picture of Thomas Robinson PicsArt_08-27-12.37.49.jpg


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