Vince Carter Says He Has A ‘Young Guys Mentality With A 40-Year Old Body’


Vince carter is now the oldest player in the league. In January he will be turning 42 years old and this Friday he has officially signed with the Atlanta Hawks on a 1-year veteran minimum deal. Carter chose the Hawks this offseason because he knew that they would give him more playing time.

Carter recently openly spoke up about his age and it in comparison to his days in Toronto as a high flying dunker or as some liked to call him ‘Vinsanity’. “Yeah, I’m still the same person,” said Carter, the 1999 NBA Rookie of the Year and an eight-time All-Star. “My approach is still the same. My work ethic, my ability to play the game is still the same. Obviously it’s limited. You just don’t get to see it as much, but it’s the same guy.

Picture of the young and old Vince Carter20180825_051008


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