Boogie Cousins the third splash brother?


What is the main word that come to your mind when you hear Warriors?

I am not talking about their all-star lineup. No! I am talking about their 3 pointers. It’s seems like DeMarcus Cousins worked a little bit on his range.

We all know when you join the Warriors you must be good at the 3 points line. It look like DeMarcus know this. I am Just kidding.Remember when Kevin Durant was working on his 3 pointer the first time he sign with the Warriors? We all know Kevin Durant was able to shoot but not as clutch as today. Do you think Boogie will be able to improve his 3 pointer and use it in games? DeMarcus verbally says to interviewers that he joined the Warriors to win a ring.

Will the Warriors win another ring this year?


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