Kobe Has Some Advice For Mo Bamba


Mohamed Bamba is just entering the league by being selected 6th overall in the NBA draft with the Orlando Magic. A lot of young guys like Bamba are looking for some insight on how to improve their game and dominate in the league. An NBA legend like Kobe Bryant, is one of the best places a young baller can find said advice.

Recently Bamba was asked by Chris Forsberg of ESPN, what has been the best advice that he has received. Bamba said that he had spoken with Kobe Bryant and he gave him some advice.

“The best advice that I’ve gotten was to lay your eggs in one basket, which is the oddest thing I’ve ever heard in my life but it actually makes a lot of sense,” Bamba told ESPN. “See, when you’re involved in basketball, you’re told to have backup plans, so that resembles laying your eggs in multiple baskets. But if you really want to be great at this and you really want to be special, you gotta lay your eggs in that one basket. You gotta go for it and not be afraid to fail. Who told me that? Kobe Bryant.”


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