James Harden think Carmelo Anthony will be a good fit with the Rockets.


We all know about Carmelo Anthony bad season from last year. It was actually his worst season in his whole career. A lot of people think Carmelo Anthony will be the one who will bring down the Rockets. A lot of people as a joke say: ¨Houston we have a problem¨. In OKC he was not a good fit you know why? They were not able to put up good amount of points each of them.They had two possibilities, Russ and Paul George or Paul George and Carmelo. I never saw them having good stats in the same game.


Carmelo worked a lot during the off-season. He even says he will work on his fatigue. The mistake of Carmelo last season he was not constant on his shot. He says he will work on that too.

If Carmelo say so he will be a new Carmelo or maybe the same has his prime. If that’s true the only thing we will need to see is if he will be a good fit.

James Harden actually think he will be an amazing fit with them.

¨I’m excited for that process. From training camp, even from summer time, hanging out with the guys, doing regular stuff when we actually have time to do it, traveling with the guys… last year was kind of thrown onto us, but this year, it’s a lot more settled in.¨

Let us know in the comment what you actually think of him with the Rockets? Will he be a good fit or not?

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