How far can R.J Barrett and Zion Williamson take the Duke Blue Devils in 2018-2019



For The Duke Blue Devils this season it is easy to see that the 6 foot 6 285 pound powerhouse forward Zion Williamson will bring his strength, explosiveness and insane bounce to Duke. Zion is the 2nd ranked player out of high school (ESPN) and has already proved he has the skills to bring his game to the college level. In high school, Zion averaged a staggering 36.4 ppg 11.4 rbg and 3.5 apg. He showed his ease to score the basketball along with his ability to jump through the roof to grab rebounds. However, Zion does need to work on a jump shot, in particular, a three-point shot to become lethal from all aspects of the game. None the less look forward to seeing Zion ball out and show his jumping ability and flashiness at Duke this upcoming basketball season.


There was only one player that was ranked better then Zion in ESPN´s Top 100 high school players list which was R.J Barret who also came to Duke this offseason. R.J who is a scrawny 6 foot 7 200 pound small forward out of Montverde Academy in Mississauga Canada proved himself in high school last year by averaging a fantastic 21.9 ppg 6.2 rpg and 2.8 apg. R.J also has a very lethal mid-range jumper which will be very fun too watch. The 18 yr old shot over 50% from inside the three-point line in his high school career, not to mention he also shot 80% from the three-point line. He will also continue to benefit from his speed and his quick feet which will help him score with ease. R.J is another star to watch next year as he shows his own hops and glitz.


For Duke, it looks like they have the assets make a deep run into March Madness for another year, but this time it might be their year they win it all for the first time since 2015. Along with Zion and R.J the Blue Devils have Cam Reddish another huge prospect out of high school and Tre Jones a stud guard from Apple Valley Minn. This team has the potential to bring back another banner for the rafters and even if they can’t win the chip they will still be a very fun team to watch.




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