Drummond And Turner Are Working On Their 3-Point Shots This Offseason


In today’s NBA the games are fast pace and high scoring, with a lot of 3-point shots. For centers, this can be difficult because for the longest time a big mans main job was to stay in the paint. Now with the gaurd and forward positions taking charge, centers have been forced to change their game.

Marc Gasol in recent years has changed his game by upgrading his catch and shoot 3-point shooting. In the 2014-15 season, Gasol was 17.6% on 3-point percentage. Last season he was 34.4% on 3-point percentage. For a gaurd this wouldn’t be a huge leap but for a center this is a great accomplishment.

With multiple centers in the league moving there game to the three point line, Andre Drummond and Myles Turner are just two names that are doing this, this offseason.






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