Demar Derozan and Poppovich


Demar Derozan was traded to the San Antonio Spurs on July 18, 2018. The Raptors legend posted on his Instagram multiple messages of disbelief and disappointment a few hours before the trade. Most reports have Kawhi Leonard going to LA next year and see no point in this blockbuster trade. The spurs have easily won the trade. Demar Derozan was arguably the best raptor of all time and now he gets to play with an all time coach, in Gregg Poppovich. The spurs future has gone forward with a great draft pick in Lonnie Walker and a superstar in Demar Derozan. The spurs have once again made a trade and won. They gave a star to the east and didn’t give another all star to the west. Derozan and Poppovich have already been seen bonding at the Las Vegas minicamp and have seemed to get along. Spurs fans should be excited for this upcoming season as they made the playoffs without their star player last season. This time they have an all star and a rising rookie. The spurs are projected to not make the playoffs this season. With the new additions to the team the spurs look like they can be a real threat in the west.


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