NBA Star, JJ Redick Witnesses A Possible Child Abduction on a Car Ride In Brooklyn, NY


Earlier this week, Sixers guard, JJ Redick hosted a podcast with Orlando Magic’s rookie, Mo Bamba. During the opening minutes of the podcast, Redick made the decision to share his car ride story he was apart of in Brooklyn.

JJ was on his way back from a photo shoot for a clothing company when everything suddenly took a turn for the unimaginable.

JJ, his wife Chelsea, and her sister, all took a ride back from the photo shoot together. They all put their bags on a small bucket seat inside of the peculiar smelling car. Chelsea had told JJ that there was a person in the back seat. JJ had describe the scene as, “There was a big blanket, and then a cage.” JJ goes on to say that there was definitely something under the blanket. JJ and his family felt to uncomfortable to attend the remainder of the car ride, so they requested the driver to pull over the car, and let them out.




JJ exited the strange car, and witnessed the blanket move. The driver had looked back, and lifted the blanked. JJ said that the driver had purposely lifted the blanket in the opposite direction, so that no one could see what was under it. \

Suddenly, JJ saw a head pop out from under the blanket. JJ described it as a “blonde with a ponytail.” JJ Redick also suggested that it could have been a “Small human, or Child” due to the fact that the cage was fairly large.

The driver would leave the scene with the possibly body. JJ and his family who witnessed this petrifying experience, had reached out the police, along with the car agency.

JJ Redick said that his wife has reached out to the FBI, and they will take over the investigation.

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