Bruno Caboclo Just Signed With The Rockets…But They’ve Wanted him Since 2014

It was the 2014 NBA draft and the Rockets had the 25th overall pick in the first round. The Top three picks in this draft were Andrew Wiggins(Cavaliers-Timberwolves), Jabari Parker(Bucks), and Joel Embiid(76ers). Once it was getting closer to draft time for the Rockets, they had their sights on Bruno Caboclo

But when the 20th pick came around, their plans of acquiring Caboclo were crushed. The Raptors picked him 20th overall just five picks before the Rockets. Once the Rockets 25th overall pick came around they had to settle with star big man, Clint Capela.

Looking back, the Rockets were blessed that the Raptors picked Caboclo. Therefore, paving the way for Capela to land in Houston. And now in 2018 the Rockets get to have both these guys on the team. It’s just funny how these things work out.



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