The Clippers Are Planning To Move And Ice Cube Doesn’t Approve


The Clippers were founded in 1970 and first started playing in Buffalo, New York as the Buffalo Braves. They then moved to San Diego where they first changed the name to the Clippers and finally moved to Los Angels.

Now, owner Steve Ballmer is looking to move the team once again in saying, “We’re moving to Inglewood come hell or high water”. The Rams and Chargers in the NFL have made the jump there. And now the Clippers may be next.

Creator of the Big3 League, O’Shea Jackson Sr.(Ice Cube) does not approve of this planned move. Jackson also born and raised around Inglewood explained this, “San Diego man stop giving us the teams you don’t want, we don’t want them either”. O’Shea explained this on ESPN and also the Ringer, showing is frustration.


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