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Over the years there have been players with a born talent that goes beyond reality. Players who will be remembered for generations. Emblems, legends of the teams they represented and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Atlanta Hawks you will remember Dominique Wilkins.

Dominique had basketball in his blood, a member of a family of athletes. Dominique gave his best years at the Atlanta Hawks, at a time when the NBA was characterized by a physical basketball, where scoring more than 20 points per game was difficult, for Dominique it was not so much, it never had below 20ppg in none of his seasons with Atlanta (1982-1994). He also played with The Clippers, Celtics, Spurs, and retired with the Orlando shirt.
But today we will not do a biography of Dominique, whom we all know, today we will remember what could have been.
That it had been from the dream team of ’92 if Dominique Wilkins had not been injured. He was an indisputable part of that team. That means that the dream team could be even better, imagine the magic of: Bird, Magic, Jordan, Pippen and Wilkins playing together, in my opinion of the five most complete players in history.
Now, who? Which player would have left the dream team to make room for Dominique?
Chris Mullin, Clide Drexler, Stockton, or one of the pivots?

I also add, after remembering all these names that Michael Jordan defeated them all, that’s why he’s the best player in history (GOAT). But that will be another post. ‘)




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