Remember when JR smith blows game one against the Warriors in the finals?

It seems like JR Smith is ready for every new challenge

We can see a footage of him:

Do you remember when JR Smith was in his prime playing with Carmelo Anthony as a Nuggets?

Yes, that time when he was doing incredible dunks!

Can he do this again, since LeBron James has left the Cavaliers? I truly think he would never do that again. But who knows? The only star left in Cleveland is named Kevin Love. With the Upcoming super star named; Collin Sexton. Will he be the major key for the Cavaliers to win next season? I really thing he can impact the game. The question is….. Will Tyron Lue let him play more minutes than George Hill? That’s the question. The only way I see the Cavaliers win is to use their young players.


By Maxime Messier

I am 20 years old, I am the owner of league alerts page on instagram and this website. Aiming to develop my name on the Internet. Fluent in French and English.