• Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

JR Smith seems to be back after he did not remember the score.

ByMaxime Messier

Aug 16, 2018

Remember when JR smith blows game one against the Warriors in the finals?

It seems like JR Smith is ready for every new challenge

We can see a footage of him:

Do you remember when JR Smith was in his prime playing with Carmelo Anthony as a Nuggets?

Yes, that time when he was doing incredible dunks!

Can he do this again, since LeBron James has left the Cavaliers? I truly think he would never do that again. But who knows? The only star left in Cleveland is named Kevin Love. With the Upcoming super star named; Collin Sexton. Will he be the major key for the Cavaliers to win next season? I really thing he can impact the game. The question is….. Will Tyron Lue let him play more minutes than George Hill? That’s the question. The only way I see the Cavaliers win is to use their young players.

Maxime Messier

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