Hawks Unveil Throwback Uniforms For Their 50th Anniversary


The Atlanta Hawks have been known for their creative uniform designs ever since their “re-brand” back in 2015.

The Hawks brought a throw back, “Pistol Pete” uniform into their locker rooms in 2016. This past season, the NBA ditched Adidas, and went onto partnering with Nike for their uniforms. Nike remade, and designed new uniforms for all 30 teams. Nike only gave 8 teams a throwback uniform tho wear during the 2017-2018 season. None of which were the Hawks,

August 16th, the Atlanta Hawks would finally add a throwback uniform into their Nike collection. The Hawks are getting ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary this upcoming season. The Hawks new uniforms were designed from when the team first moved to Atlanta in 1968.


The color scheme was a powder baby blue as the base, with red and white trims. The uniform showcases the team name,images “Hawks” arched across the front side of the jersey. The letters are red with the outline of white. The trim of the uniform from the “U” shaped collar, to the shorts, are striped with red, white and navy blue.

“We are bringing back the old school.” Hawks forward, John Collins said. Collins also (jokingly) added, “I don’t know if I like the baby blue. I went to Wake forest and all.”

Not only did the Hawks get new uniforms. The Atlanta Hawks also will get an alternate court, and an alternate logo to go along. The Logo will be their classic logo, but with a color scheme of black, and gold. The logo will also have the number 50 on the bottom , representing their 50th anniversary. The court will use that alternate logo at center court. The court will also consist of black sidelines, and black and white baselines. There will also be a new “City” edition uniform to match the court. Release date for that, is undetermined.

A truly historical, and special season is ahead for the young Atlanta Hawks. It should be exciting for the staff, players and the fans.


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