Celtics Legend Bill Russell Has One Question for Celtics Star Jaylen Brown


Celtics legend, Bill Russell loves to communicate with the younger generation of the NBA.

Bill Russell played 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics. Russell was able to win 11 Championships, 5 MVP awards, and was also a 12 time All Star.

Bill Russell had one question to ask Celtics guard, Jaylen Brown. Russell took it to Twitter, and asked, ” What is ‘FCHWPO’?” (Jaylen Brown’s social media handle) Russell also added, “Remember I’m old, lol.”




Shortly after, Jaylen Brown responded with some inspiration. “It’s Faith, Consistency, Hard Work, Pays off!!” Jaylen Brown also responded with some humor, “I hear you though my man, I’m getting up there too.”

About a week prior to this conversation between the two Celtic’ stars. Jaylen Brown put out a quote saying how NBA players are the “coolest” people. Bill Russell would respond saying, “I agree NBA players are the coolest people!” Russell would conclude his response with a little biased statement,”Especially Celtics players.”

It’s such a privilege to witness the older generation of basketball reach out to the younger generation. Especially when its within the same franchise!

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